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Facebook Finally Publishes Their Internal Content Moderation Guidelines- Hilborn Digital
  For the first time ever, Facebook has published their internal guidelines for moderation. Facebook has been in the hot seat for the past year, and when CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the US Senate earlier this month many of the questions were regarding content removal policies. The release of the internal guidelines moderators use...
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Facebook Is Ending Third Party Data Access For Ad Targeting- Hilborn Digital
  This has been a busy few weeks for Facebook, and not in a good way. The company was hit with not one, but two data breach scandals. In the aftermath, they’ve outlined a few ways they’ll be changing, but one surprising change was that they will give up one of their most major data...
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What To Look For In Influencer- influencer Marketing- Digital Marketing
It’s looking like influencer marketing will be here to stay for a while. While there are certainly some dangers involved, an influencer marketing campaign can be incredibly successful when executed correctly. By far the most important part is to select the right influencer to post about your product. With more people becoming influencers’ every day...
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Social Media News of the Week- Hilborn Digital Toronto SEO
  Here’s the latest news on what happened in Social Media this week:   YouTube After a steady stream of backlash for failing to police inappropriate or offensive content, YouTube has announced they’re creating an “Intelligence Desk”. It’s been described as a multi-pronged early detection initiative that is supposed to catch controversial content before it...
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Facebook Big Changes News Feed
  In the wake of the Russian meddling in the 2016 US election, there has been a wave of changes for the Big Tech Three- Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Transparency, authenticity, and quality have now become the focus. Facebook has been quite open about how they have been testing multiple ways in which to flag,...
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Update Website Development Hilborn Digital SEO
  When’s the last time your website was updated? If you have to think about that for a while then it’s time to consider updating it.   People become pretty attached to their websites, but at some point, that can be a bad thing. Brands grow, consumers taste changes, and technology innovates. Not upgrading your...
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