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Everything You Need to Know About Negative SEO- HILBORN DIGITAL | Toronto SEO and Web Development

Everything You Need to Know About Negative SEO

As an SEO agency, when we discuss our services with clients we tend to focus on the positives: higher SERP rankings, increased visibility, easy social media management, regular technical and content updates, etc. SEO has huge benefits for businesses, but unfortunately, the industry also has a seedy dark side.   We’ve talked about black hat...
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Google’s Latest Updates Puts Focus on Localization- HILBORN DIGITAL | Toronto SEO Agency.png

Google’s Latest Updates Puts Focus on Localization

If you’ve noticed a dip in local SEO rankings on Google you’re not imagining things. Google has finally confirmed its latest update and surprisingly provided some clarity behind it.   On November 3rd, the SEO community began buzzing about whether Google had made an algorithmic change as rankings began dropping and rising. A month later,...
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Facebook Introduces New Brand Safety Features for Advertisers

Facebook has not had an easy year. After a number of data breach scandals last year, the social media giant is now facing criticism for its political ad policies. Facebook has declined to fact-check political ads, which has been criticized by a number of government officials.   This issue has also raised concerns about Facebook’s...
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How to Find the Right SEO Agency For Your Business

Whether you love it or hate it, the Internet plays a major role in how well businesses do these days. Consumers turn to searches now to find businesses, make purchases, and leave reviews. Having a solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan in place is the best way to ensure your business is being found by...
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Online Shopping Trends Businesses Should Know This Holiday Season-HILBORN DIGITAL

Online Shopping Trends Businesses Should Know This Holiday Season

Fall is here, and that means that it’s nearly shopping season! The holiday shopping season is major for online retailers. But promoting products isn’t as easy as people think. Knowing what keywords to target for SEO and where to spend money on PPC are key to a successful holiday shopping season. That’s why businesses should...
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6 Common Reasons For Google My Business Listing Suspension- HILBORN DIGITAL SEO & Web Development Agency

6 Common Reasons For Google My Business Listing Suspension

Is your Google My Business Listing no longer showing up? There are a few reasons why that could be.   There is no doubt that Google is a huge driving force in the SEO industry and by extension all online businesses. The majority of users query on Google, and having your business show up is...
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4 Tips to Tailor an SEO Campaign for Voice Searches- HILBORN DIGITAL

4 Tips to Tailor an SEO Campaign for Voice Searches

  The SEO world is an ever-changing and evolving industry. A good SEO campaign should include keyword research, content strategy, link building, and technical on-site maintenance. But it’s important to think of the future as well. While voice search has not caught on as quickly as many were predicting, it is still an important aspect...
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iOS App Developer Toronto

What to Look for When Hiring an iOS Developer

There are two platforms that dominate the industry when it comes to mobile app development: Android and iOS. If you’re looking to create a successful app, it’s vital that your app functions on both these platforms. Android is an open-source platform, which means there is no standardization. When it comes to iOS app development though,...
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Majority of Google Inquires are Now Zero Click Searches

Search Engine Optimization is often thought of as a long-term game that businesses need to play in order to survive this digital era. There are many scoreboards when it comes to measuring the success of an SEO campaign, from keyword rankings to conversions.   A big one though is clicks.   Showing up on the...
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