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Facebook’s Greatest Ambition is to Become WeChat- Hilborn Digital

Facebook’s Greatest Ambition is to Become WeChat

  Despite a series of data leaks, privacy issues, PR fumbles, government investigations, and executives fleeing, there is no denying that Facebook is the leader amongst social media platforms in the West.   When it comes to sharing photos, videos, and links, Facebook leads the charge. However, with each new announcement and update the social media...
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Google Takes Steps to Reduce Local Listing Spam

  Google has been aggressively pushing their Google My Business (GMB) platform this year. GMB is now one of the most important factors when it comes to local search results. But despite it being beneficial to SEO and users, many businesses are still reluctant to create one due to a number of issues with the...
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Most Important Factors for Local Search Ranked- Hilborn Digital SEO Agency

Most Important Factors for Local Search Ranked

SEO is a constantly changing field. It seems like everyday Google is rolling out a new algorithm that changes the game. However, after looking at the full year of 2018 SEO trends the industry has a good ideal of the most important signals when it comes to local search engine result page rankings.    ...
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US Officially Charges Chinese Tech Company Huawei

  The US Department of Justice just announced that they would officially be pursuing criminal charges against Huawei, one of the largest technology companies in China. A grand jury in Seattle, Washington charged Huawei with conspiracy to steal trade secrets, attempted theft of trade secrets, seven counts of wire fraud, and one count of obstruction...
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3 Technical SEO Updates to Make this Year- Hilborn Digital SEO Agency

3 Technical SEO Updates to Make this Year

  Every New Year people set up and make resolutions aimed at improving their life, body, and mind. But don’t forget to make a few SEO resolutions too. Everyone is fighting for visibility online these days, and great content is a good way to get those rankings. However, don’t let your technical SEO slide. Working...
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6 Surprising Stats on LinkedIn Marketing- Hilborn Digital SEO Agency

6 Surprising Stats on LinkedIn Marketing

  LinkedIn occupies an interesting place in social media. Its focus on professional social communication is unique from other social media platforms. For businesses that are looking to attract other businesses, this is the place to be. While it never took over in North America like it thought it would, LinkedIn is still a huge...
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7 Ways to Improve User Experience on Your Website- Hilborn Digital

7 Ways to Improve User Experience on Your Website

SEO is a tricky industry. Search engines are constantly changing what factors influence rankings and to make it even more difficult, Google doesn’t typically outright tell us either. However, there is one factor that is clearly valued and weighed above all else when it comes to an online presence- user experience.   Making sure your...
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Everything You Need to Know About Google Alerts Spam- Hilborn Digital Toronto SEO and Digital Marketing.png

Everything You Need to Know About Google Alerts Spam

  It seems like there isn’t a single feature online that spammers haven’t figured out how to use for their benefit. The latest trend for online scammers is targeting Google Alerts. It’s a relatively unknown method, but it could have serious consequences. Here’s what you should know.   What is Google Alerts? Google Alerts is...
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5 SEO Tips for Holiday Shopping- Hilborn Digital SEO Agency.png

5 SEO Tips for Holiday Shopping

  Now that October is over its time to focus on holiday shopping! November and December are some of the most profitable months for businesses. Thanksgiving (the American version that is), Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas are all coming up fast. Update your SEO strategy to capitalize on holiday shopping by following these easy...
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