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3 Technical SEO Updates to Make this Year- Hilborn Digital SEO Agency
  Every New Year people set up and make resolutions aimed at improving their life, body, and mind. But don’t forget to make a few SEO resolutions too. Everyone is fighting for visibility online these days, and great content is a good way to get those rankings. However, don’t let your technical SEO slide. Working...
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7 Ways to Improve User Experience on Your Website- Hilborn Digital
SEO is a tricky industry. Search engines are constantly changing what factors influence rankings and to make it even more difficult, Google doesn’t typically outright tell us either. However, there is one factor that is clearly valued and weighed above all else when it comes to an online presence- user experience.   Making sure your...
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All the Reasons Why Wix Isn’t Good for SEO- Hilborn Digital
Building a website today is significantly easier than it was in the past thanks to platforms like WordPress, Wix, and SquareSpace. While these sites all have the same basic functions, when it comes to SEO they’re not all equal. For small businesses just wanting to have a website online, any of these website services are...
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5 Reasons You Should Absolutely Hire A Professional SEO Agency- Hilborn Digital
  In the past, search engine optimization was a simple process that most companies could do on their own as long as they had a basic understanding of the Internet. All they needed to do was stuff keywords on their website, build up some backlinks (the scammier the better) and businesses were easily able to...
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Google Finally Made Search Snippets Longer
For the past few years, Google has limited their search snippets, the little bit of text that appears below the URL in organic search results, to around 160 characters. While there were a few instances of Google allowing longer snippets, they’ve only recently raised the character count. Here’s why Google made this leap and here’s...
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Award Winning Web Development Toronto Hilborn Digital.png
We’re honored and excited to announce that we won the Associations of Marketing and Communication Professionals Communitas Award for Corporate Social Responsibility.   As a Toronto SEO agency, we have clients in a variety of industries. Building beautiful websites is what we do. Many nonprofit organizations don’t have the funds or resources to create the...
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