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Is Link-Building Still Worth it for SEO?- Hilborn Digital SEO Agency
Search Engine Optimization has a longer history than many people realize. Link building was historically how companies increased their rankings. But this process soon became plagued with black-hat SEO tactics such as link farms, paid links, hidden links, and spammy links. This led Google to create a new algorithm in 2012 that cracked down on...
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Google Finally Made Search Snippets Longer
For the past few years, Google has limited their search snippets, the little bit of text that appears below the URL in organic search results, to around 160 characters. While there were a few instances of Google allowing longer snippets, they’ve only recently raised the character count. Here’s why Google made this leap and here’s...
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Top Local SEO Blog- Hilborn Digital
BrightLocal recently asked for users to vote for their favorite local SEO blogs, and we’re excited to announce we ranked in the top 20. Coming in at number 13, Hilborn Digital is thrilled to make the list. Ranking alongside big hitters like Moz and SearchEngingeLand is an honor. Feel free to check out the list. Thank...
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What To Look For In Influencer- influencer Marketing- Digital Marketing
It’s looking like influencer marketing will be here to stay for a while. While there are certainly some dangers involved, an influencer marketing campaign can be incredibly successful when executed correctly. By far the most important part is to select the right influencer to post about your product. With more people becoming influencers’ every day...
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Social Media News of the Week- Hilborn Digital Toronto SEO
  Here’s the latest news on what happened in Social Media this week:   YouTube After a steady stream of backlash for failing to police inappropriate or offensive content, YouTube has announced they’re creating an “Intelligence Desk”. It’s been described as a multi-pronged early detection initiative that is supposed to catch controversial content before it...
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