12 Facts About Instagram Content That Every Brand Should Know- Hilborn Digital
  Looking to create a brand Instagram account or want to improve your current one? Here are some insightful facts about content and users on Instagram that can be beneficial.   1. Branded Hashtags are Important Hashtags are integral in how users and brands connect on Instagram. Hashtags help users organize and categorize content, but...
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IGTV Might Be Instagram’s First Miss- Hilborn Digital
  The technology and social media industry are going through a reckoning. It seems like almost every day there is a new scandal attached to one of the Big Three tech companies; Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Scandals include election meddling, censorship debates, fake news, Senate testimonies, drug trafficking, and mental health issues to name a few....
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Social Media News of the Week- Hilborn Digital Toronto SEO
  Here’s the latest news on what happened in Social Media this week:   YouTube After a steady stream of backlash for failing to police inappropriate or offensive content, YouTube has announced they’re creating an “Intelligence Desk”. It’s been described as a multi-pronged early detection initiative that is supposed to catch controversial content before it...
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Apples cool factor Hilborn Digital
  This question was first asked a few years ago with the answer being “some consumers think so”. But for the overwhelming majority, Apple, the brand that was once a euphemism for being hip and youthful, the brand that brought up the iPod and iPhone, was still very much cool. So why are we asking...
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