Social media has become a force to be reckoned with. It now influences almost every aspect of our lives, whether or not we’re even on it. From government elections to shopping habits, social media holds major sway over people. It also holds a ton of possibilities and opportunities for businesses that use them correctly.


There are a ton of social media platforms out there today, though. So, which one should your company be using? Here is a quick rundown from our social media managers of all of the major social media platforms and how they should be used.



When it comes to social media, Facebook is definitely on top. Even though many younger audiences don’t use it personally anymore, Facebook owns Instagram, and it’s also a huge platform for businesses, especially if you hope to advertise on either platform. Our social media managers suggest every company to make a Facebook page. It’s a great way to reach out to customers, share info, and link to blog posts. It also allows your company to run ads on Facebook and Instagram!




Instagram has taken off in recent years and is now used by people of all age demographics, though it still tends to lean younger. It’s a child company of Facebook, meaning businesses that want to run a business account or ads need a Facebook account as well. If your brand is visual, then we highly recommend you create an account. However, don’t make one for the sake of making one, especially if your brand isn’t visual, you won’t have the time to update it regularly, and you don’t have quality images.




Twitter usage dropped for a while but has since started to increase. It’s a great platform for companies to post updates and connect with users. However, be warned that this platform tends to have low engagement for most companies, so it may not be worth investing a lot of time. Still, if your company is looking to share company updates, discuss industry topics, and communicate with customers, a Twitter account is a good idea.




Pinterest has really invested in metrics and advertising in recent years. It’s a great platform for informative and visual businesses. Even if your company isn’t planning on investing a ton of time into Pinterest, it’s still a great place to get ideas. Consider exploring the platform and seeing if it’s something your company could use.




Snapchat has risen and fallen, and unfortunately, a lot of their great ideas have been stolen by Instagram. For most businesses, it’s not worth having a Snapchat account. Entertainment and news businesses may benefit from the platform, but it’s probably not worth it for most companies.




The TikTok craze is high these days. Even though it may or may not get banned in certain countries, usage is incredibly high, especially among younger audiences. From healthcare to foods, all sorts of industries have found creative ways to use this platform, which involves creating short-form videos. If your business isn’t ready to commit the time and energy into creating your own content, consider partnering with popular TikTok stars!




LinkedIn is a platform that all businesses should use. It’s touted as the “professional social media” platform, and it lives up to its name. It’s the best place to announce company updates, share blogs, and network with those in the industry. If your business doesn’t have a LinkedIn page yet, you should make one right away.




YouTube is a great place for businesses that are looking to share information visually or auditorily. From instructional videos to podcasts about the company, businesses who really invest in YouTube can see a payoff. It might not be a great fit for every business, but it’s something to look into.



Other Social Media Platforms to Research






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