5 Tips to Help Businesses Cull Their Social Media Profiles

Social media plays a huge role in our daily lives these days, and for businesses, it has become a vital way for marketing and information dispersal. In the past few years, businesses were encouraged and expected to be on all relevant social media platforms, but that’s all starting to change.


Many businesses have now realized that the time and money costs to running all these profiles aren’t worth it. Brands have started to cull their social media profiles, focusing their energy on the social media platforms that work best for them and give them the highest ROI.


Here are a few helpful tips for businesses on how to effectively cull their social media profiles from our social media managers.


Quality vs. Quantity

Creating content, scheduling posts, and monitoring engagement are time-consuming for any business. Even when using a social media management agency, it’s important for brands to focus on quality over quantity. Having a profile on every social media platform, even if it’s not relevant or bringing in leads/traffic/sales, isn’t a smart move. Users today would rather businesses have two or three well-managed profiles than six subpar profiles.



Look at ROI

When deciding which social media profiles to cull businesses should look at their ROI. What does your brand want out of social media? Brand awareness? Website traffic? Online sales? Whatever it is, take a look at your social media profiles and see which ones are actually performing. For example, maybe you really want to get more online sales but the Twitter account you post on every day hasn’t ever delivered. It may be time to let it go and focus those efforts on another profile that is bringing them in.



Examine Engagement

Engagement is a great way to see whether your target audience is actually on the platforms your business is using. Engagement can be deceiving though. Many brands make the mistake of just looking at likes, comments, or followers, but take a look at hidden metrics like reshares, link clicks and saves as well. It just makes sense to focus on the profiles that your target audience is actually engaging with.



Competitor Analysis

Before you start cutting social media profiles, do a quick competitor analysis. This can give you a good idea if the platform you’re on just isn’t great for your industry or if it’s just how you’re running it. For example, if your Facebook Page isn’t getting much engagement but your top competitors have very active pages this could signal you should spend more time on it rather than less. See what they’re doing that’s working and try it out before writing off that profile.



Time & Cost

Social media is incredibly important, but it requires a lot of time and money investment. A good social media profile needs content, scheduling, monitoring, analysis, and more. This has been a rough last year for businesses, and many are now realizing that certain platforms, even if they’re doing okay, just aren’t worth the costs. It’s better to have a few, well-managed profiles with high ROI than a lot of average profiles.



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