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The Future of the Internet Could be Two Separate Ones- Hilborn Digital
  People spend a lot of time speculating about what the future of the Internet will look like. As more people question things like censorship, data protection, and personalization multiple potential paths for the web arise. According to Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google and executive chairman of its parent company Alphabet has made his...
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Baidu Gearing Up To Test Self-Driving Cars
  Baidu’s reach in China is about to get even larger. Already the largest search engine in the world with over 710 Million active monthly users, Baidu is now also entering the self-driving industry.     China just gave the tech giant the go-ahead to begin testing autonomous driving. The tests will take place in the...
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What Is An ICP License And Do You Need One For Baidu SEO?-HilbornDigital
  Operating a business, or even marketing for one is a little different in China. One obstacle Western businesses have to overcome involves an ICP license. But what exactly is it? And do you need it for Baidu SEO?   What is an ICP license? An ICP (Internet Content Provider) license (ICP 备案 in Chinese)...
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Baidu SEO Tips for Chinese Marketing
When people talk about SEO, western countries like Canada and the US usually dominate the conversation. Most people neglect a huge market- China. But Chinese SEO, particularly Baidu SEO, requires skills and knowledge that foreign companies don’t always have. Here are 8 great tips to help you get better rankings on Baidu. 1. Get a...
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