Google Indexing
3 Technical SEO Updates to Make this Year- Hilborn Digital SEO Agency
  Every New Year people set up and make resolutions aimed at improving their life, body, and mind. But don’t forget to make a few SEO resolutions too. Everyone is fighting for visibility online these days, and great content is a good way to get those rankings. However, don’t let your technical SEO slide. Working...
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Google Starts Using Mobile-First Indexing For More Sites-Hilborn Digital
Google has finally announced that it began rolling out mobile-first indexing for more sites. They stated last October that a smaller number of sites had been moved over to mobile-first indexing and now they’re expanding that. This rollout so far is only for sites that “follow the best practices for mobile-first indexing”, but this is...
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Google Index Faster Tips
No one is quite sure how long exactly it takes for Google to index sites and new pages. It ranges from 4 days to 4 weeks. Hundreds of companies have run tests trying to determine how long it takes Google and what sort of factors affect that time. The consensus is the same- we just...
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