5 Reasons You Should Absolutely Hire A Professional SEO Agency

5 Reasons You Should Absolutely Hire A Professional SEO Agency- Hilborn Digital


In the past, search engine optimization was a simple process that most companies could do on their own as long as they had a basic understanding of the Internet. All they needed to do was stuff keywords on their website, build up some backlinks (the scammier the better) and businesses were easily able to score top spots on search engines.


Today though, SEO is complex and time consuming. With search engines like Google changing their algorithm constantly, it’s an always-evolving industry. And many of the tactics that worked back in the day are now not only frowned upon but can actually result in websites getting penalized. In other words, this isn’t something most companies can do in-house anymore. Hiring a professional SEO agency isn’t just recommended, it’s nearly required these days.


1. Technical SEO is Becoming More Complex

A few years ago SEO was mainly about keywords and backlinks. Now technical SEO is just as important. Search engines prioritize user experience over everything, which means your website needs to run smoothly, quickly, and be responsive on all devices. Building a website that runs well, is easy to use, looks good, and works across all devices is a huge feat. Hiring an SEO company means you get a website that not only checks all those boxes, but it will also be optimized behind the scenes to please search engines.


2. Search Engine Algorithms are Constantly Changing

Algorithms drive what results you see on search engines. These formulas are complicated, taking into account a number of factors, but more importantly, they are constantly being updated. Bing, Yahoo, and Google are constantly rolling out updates. Google, in particular, updates them regularly. These search engines typically don’t provide insight as to what factors these formulas take into account or what they change about them, which means it’s a guessing game. This means one day you might be on page one for your target keyword only to drop to obscurity on page ten. An SEO agency will keep on top of these algorithm changes, updating your site accordingly so that any drops aren’t long term.


3. Digital Marketing Can Be a Money Sucker

Digital marketing is a lot of common sense, but companies often fall trap to overspending or not spending wisely. Most businesses don’t have unlimited budgets, so spending your digital marketing budget smartly is important. Professional SEO agencies know the best platforms to run ads on, when to run them, what demographics to target, and how best to do that. More than that, they will constantly be keeping an eye on analytics to make sure your marketing campaign stays on track and on budget.


4. Constant Content is Key

There’s a saying in the SEO industry that “Content is King”. Some people disagree with this statement, but what everyone in the field does agree on is that content is hugely important. Many businesses think they can create content on their own, but it takes energy and insider knowledge. Content has to be high- quality, informative, easy to read, and target keywords without overstuffing them. Websites also need a constant stream of content. A common mistake businesses make is doing a few quality posts, but then doing nothing for months. Search engines notice if a website stops being updated. An SEO agency will ensure your site has a steady stream of content that resonates with users and search engines.


5. SEO Isn’t A One-Off Thing

One big thing businesses typically don’t understand is that SEO isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a long-term commitment, but one that is necessary. Doing a few months of SEO might increase your rankings, but without continuous SEO maintenance, those results won’t last long. By working with an SEO agency your business will get a long-term plan and results that reflect that. Let them take care of your online presence so that you can focus on running your business!



Hiring an SEO agency might seem like a luxury, but we promise you’ll notice the difference and see a return on your money. Having a good online presence isn’t just “nice” in our digital world today; it’s vital. SEO is hard work though, and the industry is constantly in flux. This ever-shifting landscape can be hard for a company to keep on top of, which is where we come in! Let us show you how valuable SEO can be for your business. Contact us to learn more or to learn how SEO could benefit you!

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