Award Won For Corporate Social Responsibility!

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We’re honored and excited to announce that we won the Associations of Marketing and Communication Professionals Communitas Award for Corporate Social Responsibility.


As a Toronto SEO agency, we have clients in a variety of industries. Building beautiful websites is what we do. Many nonprofit organizations don’t have the funds or resources to create the stunning sites needed to attract donors, sponsors, and volunteers.


That’s why we were more than happy to extend our services to Niagara Hearts Potcakes. This organization works tirelessly to improve the lives of the Potcake dogs that live in the Caribbean islands. These dogs are strays and often treated unkindly by the locals. Niagara Hearts Potcakes raises funds for medical care for these dogs, including spaying and neutering to help control the population. They also connect families with these loving dogs and arrange “freedom flights” to bring these animals to their new forever homes.


Having an updated and functioning website was important to help spread Niagara Hearts Potcakes message, consolidated information surrounding the organization, educated people on animal welfare, and connect families with dogs available for adoption.


Since creating the website, more than 20 Potcakes have found homes and even more have benefited from the donations made.


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Potcakes have a special place in our heart. We’re frequent visitors to the Bahamas where these sweet dogs call home. Many visitors to the Caribbean make connections with these strays and have desired to sponsor or adopt them once they return home. Creating the website for Niagara Hearts Potcakes means people who have forged these bonds can maintain them, either through donating money that goes towards care for them or by adopting them and bring them home.


Visit the site to learn more about these adorable pups.


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