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Apple Will Now Let Users Download Their Data- Hilborn Digital
  Almost every tech company is scrambling to comply with Europe’s impending new GDPR rules. From Google updating their Privacy Policy to Facebook rolling out a mind-boggling number of changes, it was only a matter of time before Apple joined. Apple just opened up a Data and Privacy site that will allow users to download...
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Will QR Codes Finally Make Their Comeback This Year?
A little over a year ago we questioned whether QR Codes were cool again. Snapchat’s Snapcodes seemed to have breathed new life into this once dead technology. But now that Snapchat’s cool factor has faded (thanks in part to that awful layout update) QR codes seem to still be in limbo.   Much to our...
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Apples cool factor Hilborn Digital
  This question was first asked a few years ago with the answer being “some consumers think so”. But for the overwhelming majority, Apple, the brand that was once a euphemism for being hip and youthful, the brand that brought up the iPod and iPhone, was still very much cool. So why are we asking...
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