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Google Starts Using Mobile-First Indexing For More Sites-Hilborn Digital
Google has finally announced that it began rolling out mobile-first indexing for more sites. They stated last October that a smaller number of sites had been moved over to mobile-first indexing and now they’re expanding that. This rollout so far is only for sites that “follow the best practices for mobile-first indexing”, but this is...
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Update Website Development Hilborn Digital SEO
  When’s the last time your website was updated? If you have to think about that for a while then it’s time to consider updating it.   People become pretty attached to their websites, but at some point, that can be a bad thing. Brands grow, consumers taste changes, and technology innovates. Not upgrading your...
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The differences between mobile friendly websites, mobile-optimized websites, and responsive design websites. Having a mobile version of your website is vital to surviving in this new digital age. Users are spending more time on their mobile phones than every before. Last year mobile searching actually overtook desktop searching. While desktop SEO is still important not...
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