The differences between mobile friendly websites, mobile-optimized websites, and responsive design websites. Having a mobile version of your website is vital to surviving in this new digital age. Users are spending more time on their mobile phones than every before. Last year mobile searching actually overtook desktop searching. While desktop SEO is still important not...
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How localized mobile content can increase brand engagement
In the case of I-want-to-go moments, consumers are looking for a connection to the physical world. Sixty-one percent of smartphone users say they’re more likely to buy from companies whose mobile sites or apps customize information to their location, for example, by showing a nearby store where a particular product they searched for is in...
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Mobile Search Has Changed the Purchase Journey
Giana was in her local drugstore, trying to understand why two brands of the same type of treatment differed in price by $15. (The more expensive option coming in a smaller tube, no less.) “I thought there had to be a difference,” she recalls. So she pulled out her smartphone and searched for product reviews,...
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