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Google Officially Ends Controversial Censored Chinese Search Engine- HILBORN DIGITAL SEO and WEB DEVELOPMENT AGENCY
Nearly a year ago it was revealed that Google was secretly working on a censored version of their search engine to launch in China, codenamed “Dragonfly”. The news was met with swift criticism and outcry. Google employees went on strike, human activists condemned the move, the U.S. government called Google to testify, and the general...
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The Future of the Internet Could be Two Separate Ones- Hilborn Digital
  People spend a lot of time speculating about what the future of the Internet will look like. As more people question things like censorship, data protection, and personalization multiple potential paths for the web arise. According to Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google and executive chairman of its parent company Alphabet has made his...
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Google States Search Results Have Very Little Personalization- Hilborn Digital SEO Agency
  In an era where personalization online has become the norm, Google’s latest announcement is actually surprising. Google admitted to CNBC that, “there is very little search personalization” in their Google search results pages.   While other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are striving to achieve even more personalization, Google isn’t. Google says that...
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