7 Ways to Get Google to Index Your Site Faster

Google Index Faster Tips

No one is quite sure how long exactly it takes for Google to index sites and new pages. It ranges from 4 days to 4 weeks. Hundreds of companies have run tests trying to determine how long it takes Google and what sort of factors affect that time. The consensus is the same- we just don’t know.


There is nothing anyone can do to guarantee a faster indexing, but thanks to those people who have taken the time to run tests we do have a few tactics that can certainly help the process along. The great news is that many of things tips will improve your SEO rankings too!


Here is a quick list of tactics that can help get your site indexed faster by Google:


1. Set up Google Search Console

Google Search Console, previously Google Webmaster Tools, gives you in-depth information about your site in regards to how it appears on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It will also report to you when Googlebot has any issues crawling and indexing your site so you can fix them. No information will actually show up in the search console until the site is indexed. However, by activating Google services you’re essentially sending them a signal to start indexing your site.


You should also create and submit a sitemap to Google Search Console. A sitemap is simply a rough outline of the site optimized for bots. Most website developers have sitemap generators, but you can also use Google Sitemap Generator. Once you have your sitemap, make sure to submit it to search console.


2. Set up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another Google tool that gives you comprehensive web analytics. It collects and organizes the website traffic data on your site and compiles it into reports. Like with Google Search Console, no info will show up on here until it’s been indexed, but setting it up is like waving hey to Google and catching their attention. 


3. Start Link Building

People view link building, as an SEO tool to increase ranking, but it’s also a good way to get your site indexed faster. Getting links from reputable trusted sites back to your own creates pathways to your site that will help Google crawl faster. Link building isn’t as simple as it used to be. You want to find trustworthy sites that have authority on Google. Using spammy, untrustworthy sites may help Google index faster, but it may not and it will impact your SEO.


4. Write a Blog

Having a blog on your main site can really help with digital marketing. Not only does it provide information to your users, but it also creates content that can increase SEO rankings. For the purposes of indexing, data shows that websites with blogs get 434% more indexed pages on average than sites without blogs. They also get 97% more indexed links. Having a blog that has unique content and is updated regularly benefits your site in every aspect.


5. Create an RSS Feed

An RSS Feed (Rich Site Summary) is a web feed that allows users to access updates in a standardized format. Once created it should automatically update. For indexing, this is an effortless way to tell search engines that there is new information that needs attention.


6. Set Up Social Media

We are officially in a social media era, for better or worse. There are tons out there, but only create profiles for the ones that are relevant to your brand and industry. We have a few tips on which social media to use. Social media is a great place to get your name and content out there, including your new site. Pick social networrks that are relevant to your industry (and language – for example, if you’re targeting Chinese speaking users you should be active on the most popular Chinese social media websites)  Googlebot actually crawls social media a bit. Make sure you create a few posts after you make the profiles and that you regularly update them to create online engagement.


7. Begin Outreach

Networking and starting digital relationships with your target audience, businesses, and webmasters can help create an online presence. This can help increase awareness, build links, and potentially help Google index faster. Here are a few ways to start outreach online:

  • Send emails to connections
  • Make a press release with link to site
  • Guess write or blog
  • Post link to site on directories
  • Distribute content to industries forums or communities



Having an online presence is great, but only if you are seen. The best way to have users find you is to be indexed by Google so that you can start ranking well. Google is still pretty secretive about their algorithms and index method, so there is nothing that can guarantee faster results. These tactics will help though, whether that’s in indexing speed or just general SEO. Contact us if you need any help with your digital marketing or website development needs!

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