Chinese Social Media Marketing
Facebook’s Greatest Ambition is to Become WeChat- Hilborn Digital
  Despite a series of data leaks, privacy issues, PR fumbles, government investigations, and executives fleeing, there is no denying that Facebook is the leader amongst social media platforms in the West.   When it comes to sharing photos, videos, and links, Facebook leads the charge. However, with each new announcement and update the social media...
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7 Common Mistakes Brands Make When Marketing on Chinese Social Media-Hilborn Digital
  More brands are realizing the untapped potential of marketing in China. China offers one of the largest audiences for social media marketing with over 721 million Internet users. China is a different demographic though, where consumers use different social media platforms and engage in different ways. Not understanding these differences causes many foreign brands...
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WeChat Usage CNY- Hilborn Digital
  It’s not even a close call on which Chinese social media site is the most popular. WeChat has on average over 902 million active daily users. This app is used for almost everything from shopping to communicating with friends and family.   This year WeChat was also how a large portion of China sent...
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