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Google Officially Ends Controversial Censored Chinese Search Engine- HILBORN DIGITAL SEO and WEB DEVELOPMENT AGENCY
Nearly a year ago it was revealed that Google was secretly working on a censored version of their search engine to launch in China, codenamed “Dragonfly”. The news was met with swift criticism and outcry. Google employees went on strike, human activists condemned the move, the U.S. government called Google to testify, and the general...
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Social Media Marketing
As the world rapidly continues to globalize, brands are looking to make it in as many international markets as possible. China offers one of the largest, and generally untapped, markets for brands to bolster their presence with digital marketing. While a firm grasp of Baidu SEO is vital so is understanding how to use social...
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Baidu SEO Tips for Chinese Marketing
When people talk about SEO, western countries like Canada and the US usually dominate the conversation. Most people neglect a huge market- China. But Chinese SEO, particularly Baidu SEO, requires skills and knowledge that foreign companies don’t always have. Here are 8 great tips to help you get better rankings on Baidu. 1. Get a...
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