5 Things Social Media Agencies Wish Brands Understood

Social media is a vital part of any brands’ marketing these days. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and more, play an important role in increasing sales and building brand awareness. Despite the importance and prevalence of social media in digital marketing, many brands still don’t fully understand it, from unrealistic expectations to outdated usage practices. Here are some things social media agencies think all businesses should know if they want to invest in social marketing.


Quality Over Quantity

One of the most common goals brands have for any social media campaign is to grow followers. More followers theoretically mean more increased sales and more brand awareness. But not all followers are equal. It’s extremely easy for businesses to inflate their follower count with paid followers, bots, or users that aren’t really interested in the brand.


While it might feel nice to see that you have more followers than your competitors, if those followers don’t translate into sales, they’re not that valuable. Think about it: would you rather have ten people come and hang around your store, never buying anything or engaging with the product, or would you rather have one new person come and purchase your goods? Look beyond the basic social media metrics to get a deeper look.



Consistency is Key

This is something we, as a social media agency, drill into our clients all the time. Consistency is key when it comes to social media. Things such as how often you post and content style shouldn’t be up in the air.


Users hate when brands don’t post anything for a month then spam their feed with four posts in a day. And they find it extremely off-putting when their content style changes so drastically between each post. Once you find a schedule and style that works for you, stick to it! Users should know what to expect from your social media profiles. That doesn’t mean you can’t play around and surprise them, though!



Less is More

A few years ago, it seemed like businesses felt they had to profile every social media platform. While this can increase brand awareness, keeping a ton of social media profiles up to date costs a lot of time and resources, even when using a social media agency. Businesses should invest in social media profiles that actually benefit them, rather than having a bunch of social media profiles just for the sake of it.  


These days many brands finally realize less is more, and they’ve been starting to cull social media profiles. There’s no point in having a YouTube or Instagram profile if your brand isn’t visual, and there’s no reason to keep a Twitter profile if you rarely post and don’t get any sales or traffic from it.



Content, Content, Content

When brands start to invest in social media marketing, one of the first things they realize is that content is king—pictures, videos, blogs, and more. A good social media profile all comes down to the type of content you post. Getting quality content can take quite an investment, though.


Another thing brands often realize once they start social media marketing is that you burn through content quickly. If you’re posting on Instagram four times a week, that 16-20 images you need each month! And that’s just the main feed. Extras such as stories, ads, and other social media profiles can eat into content as well. Content creation is one of the most vital aspects of any social media campaign.



Constantly Changing

Social media is a constantly changing landscape. This sets it apart from traditional print marketing. A normal ad campaign might run for weeks, or even months, whereas an ad might run for just days on social media.


Current events, memes, audience tastes, user habits, algorithm changes, and more are all things brands have to keep on top of on social media. Not to mention new social media platforms that pop up! This is a major reason why businesses often utilize the services of a social media agency. If a brand wants to be successful on social media, they have to be adaptable!



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