Timeline of an SEO Campaign

Is your business looking to grow its online presence and increase sales? Then a curated, well-crafted SEO campaign is what you should be looking for! A good SEO campaign can increase sales, drive traffic to your website, grow your social media presence, and raise brand awareness. Before you get started, here is what an SEO campaign timeline would look like.


Scope & Goals

Before our SEO agency even begins working on a campaign, we take the time to sit and talk with our clients. During this onboarding meeting, we nail down the scope of work and understand your SEO goals. Maybe you want more traffic to your website or maybe you want to rank number one for a certain keyword. Understanding your primary SEO goals helps us cater your campaign to achieve them.



Brand Information

Understanding your brand is an important part of any SEO campaign. How can you expect an agency to help your company grow if they don’t know what it is? We typically sent an onboarding document, in addition to our meetings and phone calls, to gather more information about your business.



Keyword & Competitor Research

The first step to implementing an SEO campaign is research. Our SEO experts start by doing extensive keyword research, where we find the most relevant and search keywords for your business. We then use this to help craft a plan to target them. We also do competitor analysis research to see what your competition is doing well, and what they’re doing wrong that we can do better at. This helps keep your company one step ahead of the competition.



Audience Analysis

Anything in business knows the importance of understanding your target audience. It also has value in SEO. In order to achieve your SEO goals, we make sure we understand how your target audience interacts online. Maybe your target demographic uses voice search more than desktop. Maybe they’re on Instagram and not Facebook. All of this information helps us tailor our SEO campaign to be attractive to the right users.




Once we have all the relevant information we actually begin setting up the SEO campaign. The set-up can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how large the project is. Depending on your needs, we may be setting up Google Analytics, Google My Business, social media accounts, and more.



Optimization & Creation

After all the tools are in place, we start! Phase one of an SEO campaign typically involves optimizing what is already in place. That means optimizing meta titles, meta descriptions, tweaking website content, and more.


We will also begin creating SEO-driven content, such as blogs, articles, social media posts, web copy, and more. This fresh content drives new traffic, keeps your website up to date, and is optimized for all the research we did earlier.



Analysis & Report

A good SEO agency won’t simply implement and campaign and then walk away. An SEO campaign needs to be watched and nourished. Search engines and social media platforms are constantly changing their algorithms, and user behavior is always changing as well, which is why we monitor, analyze and report on your campaign monthly.




Once we have the data on how a campaign is doing, our SEO experts will make adjustments as needed. This is a crucial stage of the campaign. SEO is a constantly changing landscape, so your SEO campaign will need to be changing as well! A static SEO campaign won’t do much good for long. This ever-changing field is why we always say SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. There is never really an “end” point. However, a good SEO campaign will bring your returns that justify the costs and keep your business fresh and in top shape against the competition.



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