5 Things to Know When Working with TikTok Creators

One of the quickest and best ways to grow your brand awareness and following online is to partner with influencers and creators. While Instagram is still the top marketing channel for businesses and brands when it comes to social media, TikTok is rising rapidly in popularity. Before you start reaching out to creators, here are a few things you need to know.


Video, Video, Video

Noticed videos all over your social media lately? You can blame TikTok for that. As the platform’s popularity rises, other social media platforms are scrambling to keep up by pushing video content. If you’re going to partner with a creator on TikTok, don’t expect to get photos that you can later reuse. Video content is what TikTok is all about.



Relevancy Really Matters

Just like other social media partnerships, you really need to pick creators that are relevant to your brand. A TikToker that only posts fashion videos probably isn’t the best pick for a food product. Not only will partnering with a creator that doesn’t match your brand or audience be a waste of money, but it can also actually hurt your brand.



Casual Content is King

Instagram was all about carefully curated feeds and aesthetics. TikTok is the antithesis of that. Users on TikTok don’t want beautiful, filtered content. They want casual, funny, quick videos. This can be a little jarring for some companies to wrap their heads around, but we promise, casual content is what you should be investing in.



Weigh Followers Differently

TikTok isn’t Instagram, and followers on the platform act differently. TikTok pushes fresh content on its algorithm so that users are always discovering new creators. This means that following a creator isn’t required to see their stuff. Keep that in mind when evaluating a creator’s metrics when trying to figure out how to pay them. A lot of brands have realized that TikTok followers are not nearly as loyal as Instagram ones. In general, one IG follower is worth about 10-20 TikTok ones.



Monetization Isn’t Quite There Yet

Despite all its current faults, Instagram has tons of useful features such as shopping tags, ads, and links in bio to help brands make conversions. Even creators on IG can get money from a creator fund as well as ads. It’s a little different on TikTok. The platform hasn’t yet figured out how to fully monetize, and it’s still missing some key features like shopping and product tags. This means that you probably won’t see the direct conversions you get from IG, so focus more on brand awareness.



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