5 Brand Elements Every Company Needs

When it comes to marketing, one key element to success is branding. Branding is what sets your company/product/service apart from the competition. In a day of oversaturation online, branding is more important than ever. While “brand” and “company” are often used interchangeably, they are actually two very different things, especially when it comes to marketing. Companies that don’t have clear branding struggle with marketing and setting themselves apart from consumers. If you’re starting to build your brand, here are some key elements you need.



Every brand needs a logo. It’s arguably the most important element if branding. Chances are your company already has one, but does it say what you want it to? A logo is a brand’s whole identity boiled down into an easy-to-recognize image. It’s often the first interaction people have with a brand, it’s what sticks in people’s minds, and it will be on almost every asset your brand owns.



Colors play a big role in how people feel and think about your brand. Ever wonder why so many tech companies use blue for brand colors? It’s because blue signals peace and reliability. Most brands have 3-5 brand colors, usually 2 main ones, and a few supporting ones. Having concrete brand colors can really help in marketing. People can simply look at the color and know exactly what the brand is.



Messaging is a vital part of branding. What does your brand say? What are your mission statement and goals? Your brand’s message is a chance to really tell consumers what your company is about beyond just a product or service. The message doesn’t just say what you are, but what you’re doing.



If a brand message is what your company has to say, then the voice is how it’s said. Voice is often an underestimated part of branding, but it’s key for concise marketing. You want all of the marketing for your brand to sound like it’s coming from one person, even if it’s being made by hundreds. Things like vocabulary, cadence, and tone all determine your brand’s voice.



Just like color, what font you use for your brand says a lot. Tech companies tend to use bold, simple fonts, while food brands tend to go for something more fun. Your fonts should support your brand’s image and voice. You don’t want to pick a pretty, light cursive font if your company does construction.


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