How to Grow Your Instagram Following in 2022

Instagram successfully cemented itself as the place to be for creators, businesses, and just casual users. However, as new social media platforms have popped up like TikTok, Instagram has constantly been changing its algorithm and features. This means that a lot of the old techniques to grow your following and get more engagement no longer work. That’s why our social media experts have highlighted some current tactics you can use to try to maintain and grow your profile in 2022!


Start Posting Videos

In an attempt to keep up with TikTok, Instagram launched IG Reels. These short-form, vertical videos have now become a staple on the platform, mostly because Instagram insists on them. A lot of influencers and creators have been upset by the forced switch, but the simple truth is that photo content, no matter how stunning, just doesn’t cut it anymore. Instagram is very open about admitting that they prioritize video content and profiles that post videos. So if you want to grow, start investing in some IG Reels!


Focus on New Metrics

In the past, there were a few key metrics that would show you the success of an Instagram platform. At Hilborn, we called these the Trinity of Engagement-followers, likes, and comments. Today though, these metrics have fallen off due to how users engage with content. You’ve probably noticed your following has slowed significantly and that you’re getting fewer and fewer likes and comments. That doesn’t mean users aren’t engaging with your content, though, they’re just doing it in new ways. Look beyond the trinity and instead look at metrics like saves, shares, and views.


Embrace the Unaesthetic

Aesthetic is everything on Instagram. A beautifully curated feed was highly coveted, with businesses and creators investing heavily to achieve it. That’s now shifting, mainly due to how the younger generation is interacting with social media. Gone are the heavily filtered, selected posts. Younger generations are embracing the “unaesthetic.” They want less curated, polished content. So instead, embracing being raw, transparent, and low stakes.


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