Marketing Materials Every Brand Needs to Invest In

Every business needs marketing to grow and thrive. While quality, price, and convenience are all factors in consumer purchasing decisions, marketing is ultimately what sways them. A good marketing campaign can’t happen out of anywhere. Certain materials are needed to have a successful campaign, though. Here are some marketing materials every brand needs to invest in order to succeed.


Branding Kit

A branding kit includes all of the key branding assets any marketer will need for a campaign. This includes things such as logo files, brand fonts, and company colors. Essentially, anything that makes your brand your brand will be included in this.


Branding Guide

A branding kit and a branding guide are two different things, though they’re often confused with one another and can be combined into one complete branding document. A branding guide essentially tells everyone how to utilize your branding materials. It tells them what to say, what not to say, buzz words, how to use logos, and more.


Strategic Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is the guidebook on your marketing efforts and goals. It should outline what you hope to achieve, what you plan on doing, and everything else. It should be your holy bible of marketing. Without a strategic marketing plan, marketing efforts can pander and not achieve the desired goals. This is especially important for any long-term goals and if you have a lot of different people working on it.


Product Shots

If your brand deals with products, it’s important to provide your marketers with quality, professional product shots. Ideally, these should be transparent png files that can be used for future marketing materials. You’ll likely also need other product content, such as lifestyle or complete product shots, to be used on social media or in ads.


Media Kit

A lot of brands make the mistake of confusing a branding and media kit. A branding kit is for internal use, containing brand materials. A media kit is for external purposes. It’s what you send off to media companies or even influencers. It should outline the company background and story, in addition to key information.


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