The Largest Number of Social Media Users in the World

With an average Chinese internet user spending 292 hours every year on social media, China has the most social networks and the most social media users recorded. They spend 5 more minutes on social media than Americans on a daily basis – Imagine how much traffic these social media can bring to your brand and your website.

Due to the censorship of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other main social medias, the Chinese population are limited to their own platforms. Luckily, all these Chinese social media platforms have developed programs for promotions and ads. Hilborn Digital’s social media gurus have full knowledge of the the Chinese social media mechanisms and we can help start a social media campaign for your company and attract more customers.

Our Chinese Social Media Marketing Services

Assessment and Analysis

Besides the two major platforms Wechat and Weibo, there are new emerging social media platforms and apps every week. We will do a full analysis of your business and your industry and find the one with most of your target audience.

Content Creation

Hilborn Digital’s in-house native Chinese-speaking content creation team will make different content of various forms including copy, graphics, photos, and videos made for each social media platforms unique specifications.

Account Management

We will create accounts on targeted social media platforms and get your account verified first. We will update information on your account when needed and frequently interact and engage your followers to build customer loyalty.

Campaign Management

While content creation is a long-term effort, promotion and campaigns on social media can really give a boost to sales and followers. We take care of all aspects of your social media campaigns from planning to implementation.



Launched in 2009, Weibo is often referred as the Chinese Twitter because of its microblogging services. With its vast number of users, Weibo has become an important social media platform and public realm new outlet. Users get first-hand information about events and brands on Weibo, celebrity ambassadors and influencers post latest news and updates about brands, and brands interact directly with their followers. In addition to Chinese businesses, a lot of International brands,tourist destinations, even famous international celebrities and presidents have started their official accounts to raise brand awareness and promote themselves.


WeChat started off as an instant messaging app and quickly gained popularity over its instant voice messaging functions. WeChat now has over 700 million active users worldwide. With this enormous number of user base, WeChat has grown to provide many more services which turned this mobile app into more than just a messenger. WeChat now offers mobile payment services, e-commerce options and more, with users opening WeChat an average 14.5 times per day. WeChat has also become a major platform for Chinese “WeMedia” with its subscription accounts. Now many major international brands have recognized the importance of having a subscription account on WeChat to reach the Chinese market.

and more

With new products and platforms emerging every year, the trends of social media changes with it. Beside WeChat and Weibo, the two dominant major social media platforms in the Chinese-speaking communities, there are also new forms of social media that are quickly gaining millions of active users. These new social media platforms engage their users with different types of both text content and media, including photos, short videos, vlogs, and live streaming. We are familiar with the audience on each platform and can identify the key social media platforms that would meet your marketing objectives.

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Grow Your Fan Base

Hilborn Digital helps clients throughout North America and internationally establish their online presence on Chinese social media marketing platforms.
We can significantly increase your brand awareness amongst the Chinese-speaking community in your local market, internationally, or within Mainland China.