How To Decide What Social Media Is Right For Your Brand


Social media and SEO are tightly intertwined today. With users spending on average a third of their Internet time on social media, it’s more important than ever for brands to capitalize on that.

But what many companies struggle with is knowing what social media platforms are right for their business and target audience. Trying to make it on the wrong social media sites is almost as bad as not having any at all.

Social Media

When looking at social media, there are a few things brands should keep in mind. One is that social media has to be constantly maintained. This has become significantly easier with sites like Hootsuite. Two is that your target audience will really determine if a social media platform is right for you. Snapchat and Instagram have a younger demographic than Facebook.

Social media sites can be broken down into three categories in terms of SEO and brands- the “necessities”, the “if relevant”, and the “extra”. Every brand, company, business, or professional service should have the four basic social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Depending on your audience and business Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and YouTube might also be relevant.

There are also a few bonus social media sites that are less talked about and used but can be extra SEO boosters if used correctly and for the right brand such as Reddit, Quora, and Tumblr.


Necessary For All



Facebook has the most active month users out of every social media platform with an average of 1.28 million. Almost everyone has Facebook today (even your grandparents), so this site is perfect for any brand. It’s extremely easy to make a company page on Facebook where you can share posts, pictures, and ask for reviews.

Types of Brands: Any and every. 


Twitter has close to 255 million active users a month. It’s had some problems recently but that probably won’t affect your brand. It might take some time to learn how to fit everything in a 140-character tweet, but Twitter is great for brands. It’s a great site for sharing blog links, tweeting about related events, and connecting with others in the same industry.

Types of Brands: All of them


Google Plus

Google Plus never really took off how Google hoped. It’s not the new Facebook, but it does have over 540 million monthly users. Since Google Mail allows people to make company emails that easily link to Google+, sharing on this platform has become really easy. Connecting with others through circles makes sharing information great.

Types of Brands: Every one of them.


LinkedIn is the go-to social media site for professionals. Whether or not you’re currently hiring, having a profile on LinkedIn is important. It gives your brand and company authority and authenticity. Plus, you can connect with employees (the past, current, and future ones) and shares blog posts about related content.

Types of Brands: Any that want to be taken seriously.


Only If Relevant



Instagram started off being the Mecca of youth culture. Today it’s a little more corporate but just as fresh with 200 million active users, and that numbers still growing! While companies can do Instagram ads, most find that having a profile is more than enough. Users can like pictures and videos and comment reviews. It’s also a great platform for connecting and communicating with users.

Types of Brands: Instagram has a younger demographic than other social medias so if you’re targeting an older generation this might not be the platform for you.

Certain types of industries also do well. Instagram is a visual site so brands in the art, fashion, beauty, design, travel, or food industry do really well. For example, an interior designer or tattoo artist could post pictures of their latest work. But an accountant wouldn’t have as much success as their work isn’t visual.



Snapchat is a really hard social media for brands to use. The Discover section has really opened up the door but for most companies and brands, Snapchat shouldn’t really be touched unless you know how.

Types of Brands: Entertainment or news brands like MTV, Wired, and Buzzfeed do really well on Snapchat Discover. If your brand is based on your person then snapping your daily life, especially as it related to your desired image, is really useful. 


Pinterest is the perfect social media website for companies that offer advice. The demographic tends to skew more female so keep that in mind. Advice on how to do an activity or lists to prepare for life events gets tons of pins. Fashion and beauty are also utilizing this platform. If your company has useful tips in blog posts this site is also a great place to link to that information, just make sure you have a catchy graphic to accompany it!

Types of Brands: Brands that offer advice, information, or aesthetically pleasing images. Interior designers, wedding planners, and mommy bloggers really know how to utilize Pinterest.


YouTube is the oldest social media platform on this list. It’s lasted this long for a reason. While it is exclusively video platform, the comment section allows for brands to interact with users.

Types of Brands: Any brand or company that used videos can really utilize this platform. Video games, entertainment brands, and tech companies are the obvious candidates. The real estate industry has also found a footing in YouTube though, with real estate agents, builders, and interior designs giving virtual tours of their projects.


Extra Social Media



Reddit is a hard social media platform to use as a professional business. The users are tech savvy and can be ruthless. This social media platform is the “anti-corporate” so be careful using it. The good thing about Reddit though is that there are subcategories dedicated to any and everything.

Types of Brands: Companies that have in-depth experience using Reddit.


Quora is a question and answer social media platform. It hasn’t made it huge yet, but it is growing. If your business offers advice or information try trolling the questions related to your industry. You can answer them and link back to your site.

Types of Brands: Informational business, or anyone that has the time to read through and answer questions.


Tumblr is home to artsy, odd kid. It’s full of fun gifs and bold graphics. It’s extremely cool, alternative and youthful so only certain companies can really use it well.

Types of Brands: Art related businesses like tattoo artists, makeup artists, fashion brands, and entertainment.


Make sure you use social media to help your SEO, not harm it but selecting the right social media platforms for your brand. Contact us today to discuss SEO for your brand.