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Update Website Development Hilborn Digital SEO

5 Reasons You Should Update Your Website Before 2018

  When’s the last time your website was updated? If you have to think about that for a while then it’s time to consider updating it.   People become pretty attached to their websites, but at some point, that can be a bad thing. Brands grow, consumers taste changes, and technology innovates. Not upgrading your...
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Review Solicitation Crackdowns SEO

Review Solicitation Crackdowns: What Does This Mean For SEO?

  While the SEO industry is often a guessing game to figure out what helps rankings, we do know that customer reviews have an impact. Reviews have become an increasingly important part of how customers make decisions and how Google ranks businesses. This new importance created an industry of review monitoring and solicitation. But now...
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Hilborn Digital E-Commerce Summit Canada China

Hilborn Digital at Canada-China E-Commerce Summit

  Hilborn Digital recently had the pleasure of sponsoring and attending the 3rd annual Canada-China E-Commerce Summit.     We had the opportunity to meet tons of local and international businesses. The Summit is to provide a platform to promote Canada-China E-commerce and business cooperation/interaction, and facilitate the business entities to navigate to new global...
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Digital Content Marketing Tangential Content

What Is Tangential Content and How Can It Help You?

  When companies invest in content creation, they like it to focus on their brand. It’s understandable, but for niche industries creating branded content can be extremely limiting. Data shows that unless you have a universally interesting brand, which most don’t, you’ll find it hard to attract a lot of audience attention with only brand-centric...
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Google Index Faster Tips

7 Ways to Get Google to Index Your Site Faster

  No one is quite sure how long exactly it takes for Google to index sites and new pages. It ranges from 4 days to 4 weeks. Hundreds of companies have run tests trying to determine how long it takes Google and what sort of factors affect that time. The consensus is the same- we...
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Picking Domain Name

How to Pick the Right Domain Name

  A big decision that companies and brands have to live with for a long time is the domain name of their website. Domain names can have a massive impact on a company’s online presence. Things like click-through rate, social media engagement, links, brandability, advertising, and search engine rankings are all hinged on having a...
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Social Media Marketing

7 Important Tips on Social Media Marketing in China

As the world rapidly continues to globalize, brands are looking to make it in as many international markets as possible. China offers one of the largest, and generally untapped, markets for brands to bolster their presence with digital marketing. While a firm grasp of Baidu SEO is vital so is understanding how to use social...
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6 things that Google doesnt care about

6 Things That Google Doesn’t Care About and Won’t Affect Your Ranking

  The SEO industry spends a lot of time discussing and figuring out what sort of things Google pays attention to. It’s important, as these things usually have a big impact on how well a website ranks. While there’s a lot that Google looks at to assess ranking, it turns out they don’t care about...
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Social Media Etiquette That Every Brand Absolutely Needs to Follow

    We’ve all been taught manners, etiquette, and rules since we were children. It’s how we know the appropriate way to respond and interact in various social situations. When it comes to digital interaction though, social media has its own set of rules that brands, businesses, and individuals need to follow to succeed. With...
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