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Unfortunate Truths About Google Reviews- Hilborn Digital SEO Agency

15 Unfortunate Truths About Google Reviews

  It should be no surprise to anyone these days that online reviews have a huge influence on users and consumers. People rely on them to make decisions in the digital age. Google reviews are especially influential. Google has the largest market share in searching, and these reviews appear all over Google. The problem is...
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Top Local SEO Blog- Hilborn Digital

Hilborn Digital Voted One Of The Top Local SEO Blogs of 2018!

BrightLocal recently asked for users to vote for their favorite local SEO blogs, and we’re excited to announce we ranked in the top 20. Coming in at number 13, Hilborn Digital is thrilled to make the list. Ranking alongside big hitters like Moz and SearchEngingeLand is an honor. Feel free to check out the list. Thank...
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What To Look For In Influencer- influencer Marketing- Digital Marketing

5 Things To Look For When Selecting An Influencer To Work With

  It’s looking like influencer marketing will be here to stay for a while. While there are certainly some dangers involved, an influencer marketing campaign can be incredibly successful when executed correctly. By far the most important part is to select the right influencer to post about your product. With more people becoming influencers’ every...
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Award Winning Web Development Toronto Hilborn Digital.png

Award Won For Corporate Social Responsibility!

We’re honored and excited to announce that we won the Associations of Marketing and Communication Professionals Communitas Award for Corporate Social Responsibility.   As a Toronto SEO agency, we have clients in a variety of industries. Building beautiful websites is what we do. Many nonprofit organizations don’t have the funds or resources to create the...
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Social Media News of the Week- Hilborn Digital Toronto SEO

Social Media Sweep: What Happened This Week

  Here’s the latest news on what happened in Social Media this week:   YouTube After a steady stream of backlash for failing to police inappropriate or offensive content, YouTube has announced they’re creating an “Intelligence Desk”. It’s been described as a multi-pronged early detection initiative that is supposed to catch controversial content before it...
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Facebook Big Changes News Feed

Facebook Announces Big Changes To Their News Feed Algorithm

  In the wake of the Russian meddling in the 2016 US election, there has been a wave of changes for the Big Tech Three- Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Transparency, authenticity, and quality have now become the focus. Facebook has been quite open about how they have been testing multiple ways in which to flag,...
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Google Taking A Stand Against Fake News

  Fake news. It’s a statement that has been uttered so many times this past year it’s lost a bit of it’s meaning. You can’t go a day without hearing President Trump sling it at the media or the tech industry buzz about it in regards to Russian meddling. The Internet has always been a...
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Facebook Engagement Begging Bait Hilborn Digital

Goodbye Engagement Begging, Facebook is Cracking Down

  It can be overwhelming to think about the vast number of posts that get shared on Facebook daily. That volume is about to get smaller though, as Facebook has made a stunning announcement. They are moving towards penalizing content that engages in what people call “engagement begging” or “engagement bait”.   What is engagement...
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Mozilla and Yahoo Fight Over Google- Hilborn Digital

Mozilla and Yahoo Fight It Out Over Google

  About three years ago Mozilla Firefox made the stunning announcement that they were giving Google the boot and making Yahoo their default browser. It was a five-year partnership deal that was meant to breath life back into the already faltering browser. But that was 2014, and Yahoo was a different company back then. Now...
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