What is Branded Search?

Not all searches are the same. Search intent is a very important metric to keep in mind when crafting an SEO campaign. Not only does it help you understand users more, but it also helps you decide which keywords are worth focusing on.


One type of search that every company should know is branded search. Whether you’re a big company or a small local business, you’ll want to rank number one for branded search. So, what exactly is it?


What is Branded Search?

A branded search, or branded keyword, is a query that includes your company or website name, or a variation of it. For Hilborn Digital, examples of branded searches would be:


Branded searches are essentially searches that include your brand name as part of it. However, these searches have to be unique to your brand. There are a lot of companies out there with similar names, so if users search and the phrase has the brand name within but it’s not unique to one domain then it wouldn’t be considered a branded search.


Why Branded Search Matters

Branded search is important for two main reasons: search intent and brand awareness.


When users search using your brand name it means they already know who you are or have heard of you. They’re looking for you specifically. That means they want to go directly to your website and either purchase your products/services or learn more.


Branded search is also important in terms of brand awareness and visibility. You want to rank number one for branded searches so that when users do search for you, they can immediately find you. It’s never a good look if branded searches don’t result in your actually showing up.


Ranking for Branded Search

Ranking for branded search can be easy, but not always. If you find your company isn’t ranking for branded keywords there could be a few reasons.


  • Your site isn’t indexed
  • Your brand name is the same or similar to a competitor’s
  • Your site hasn’t been properly optimized
  • You have multiple brand names
  • You use an acronym for your brand which is used by another company or entity
  • Your brand name isn’t clear on your site


A good SEO agency will aim to get you to rank for branded and non-branded keywords. Branded search optimization will be one of the first things they do. In addition to optimizing your website, social media profiles are also a great way to appear and dominate SERP for branded searches.


Need help ranking for branded and non-branded keywords? Contact us today! Hilborn Digital is one of the top SEO agencies in the GTA and we can help your company with all your digital marketing needs.


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