6 Tips for Finding a Trustworthy SEO Agency

Looking for a trustworthy SEO agency to help your business grow?


Technology plays a huge role in the success of businesses today. For most consumers these days, the Internet is the first place they turn to when deciding whether to use a product or service. Companies that invest in SEO and digital marketing have a better chance of being found by the right audience. Search Engine Optimization can help businesses increase rankings, drive traffic, improve visibility, and strengthen brand reputation.


But finding a reputable SEO agency isn’t easy. Black hat SEO agencies are plentiful, and they’re not always easy to spot. Here are a few tips to help your business find a trustworthy SEO agency that can help your business grow online!


Tip 1: Look at Past Work

If you’re trying to determine whether an SEO agency does quality work, the best place to start is with past clients. Take the time to look at previous work on their website or even ask them if they can provide case studies for businesses that have used their SEO services before.


A good SEO agency will be more than happy to show off results they have gotten in the past. If an agency cannot show you any past work or act sketchy about it, that should be a major red flag.


Tip 2: Read Reviews and Testimonials

SEO results are great, but they shouldn’t be the only factor you look at. You’ll want to partner with an SEO agency that treats clients well and can communicate effectively. A good place to look for this is online reviews and client testimonials. Don’t be deterred by a few bad Google reviews, but you want to ensure that good reviews outweigh the bad ones.


Testimonials are also a great place to get a sense of how an SEO agency is to work with. A quality SEO firm will usually display their testimonials on their website or provide them when asked. If an agency cannot produce any testimonials, or all of their reviews are negative or seem fake, it’s probably best to look elsewhere.


Tip 3: Ask About Deliverables and Techniques

The SEO industry can be challenging to understand because many different metrics and search engine algorithms constantly change, meaning what works one day might not work the rest. However, businesses need to know exactly what deliverables they can expect and which techniques an SEO agency will use to get them.


Shady SEO firms often overpromise and use sketchy techniques or focus on low-quality keywords to achieve higher rankings. Black hat SEO tactics may bring short-term success but can cause long-term issues and can result in hefty penalties from Google. A trustworthy SEO firm will be as transparent as possible about what they’re doing. Also, make sure you look for an agency that will send you a written monthly report outlining results, metrics, and techniques to have a record!


Tip 4: Use an Online Service

There are a few different ways that businesses typically find SEO agencies. They use a search engine, hear about it from word of mouth, get targeted with an ad, or use an online service. These are valid ways to find an agency, and one isn’t necessarily better than another.


Using an online professional listing service has a few advantages, though. It’s easier to narrow down services and search by company needs. Connecting and communicating with professionals also becomes more streamlined, and since most professional listing services provide some level of vetting, you can be confident in your choice. For example, many clients have found us on Barks SEO Services, where we are an Elite Pro partner!


Tip 5: Consider Communication

Results are important to a successful SEO campaign, but you should also consider communication. There is a lot of talking that needs to happen between businesses and SEO firms. Companies should partner with one that can easily and effectively communicate with.


A professional SEO agency should be able to answer all of your questions. They should also ask their own questions as part of their job is knowing whether a business is a good fit or not. Any agency that is spotty in their communication, vague with answers, evasive to questions, or overpromises without explanations is one you should steer clear of.


Tip 6: Visit Their Website

This one should be common sense, but if you’re looking to hire someone to optimize your website, it’s good to see how their site runs. An SEO agency with a low-ranking website that runs slowly and is full of keyword stuffing says a lot about them. You wouldn’t trust a dentist that had bad teeth, would you?


While most SEO firms prioritize their client’s sites over their own, it’s still a bad look if they don’t take care of their own business. The tactics they use on their website should give you an idea of what techniques they’ll use for yours.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding a trustworthy SEO agency, businesses should do their due diligence and listen to their gut. Avoid firms that overpromise but don’t provide concrete answers. For companies that are tight on time, using a professional listing service is excellent. They compile information such as reviews, the company website, FAQs, and allow you to connect with qualified professionals that can help your business.


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