5 Reasons to Run Away From Cheap SEO Packages

5 Reasons to Run Away From Cheap SEO Packages


In this digital age, online visibility is everything. This is why search engine optimization is so vital. Appearing to your target customers under the right keywords is essential. But in the constantly changing digital landscape, SEO agencies have to charge quite a hefty fee to keep on top of your competitors and all of the algorithm changes. Most businesses know SEO is important, but biting the bullet and paying for a good professional SEO agency can still be hard to swallow.


The old saying “you get what you pay for” is certainly true when it comes to search engine optimization. That’s why you should absolutely run away from anyone offering cheap SEO packages. Not convinced yet? Here are 5 reasons why lower prices packages are not worth it.


1. Don’t Deliver on Basic SEO

There are two key parts to SEO, technical optimization, and content optimization. Technical optimization includes going through your website on the back end and ensuring that all the little things metatags and security are pleasing to search engines. In terms of content optimization, the two main components are content creation and backlinks.


Now anyone can write a blog post, but search engines are heavily focused towards user-experience these days. That means low-quality content stuffed with keywords just isn’t going to cut it. Agencies offering cheap packages rarely spend the time to produce high-quality content on a consistent basis. They also don’t spend the time conduct basic link outreach; instead, they rely on poor quality links that offer little value. In other words, a cheap SEO package usually doesn’t get you anything of value.


2. Bad Backlinks Actually Hurt You

When SEO was new, backlinks were the golden key to high search result rankings. Whoever had the most links to their website had the most favorable search results. Many cheap SEO packages still rely on this practice; the issue is that link building has changed.


Today, having poor quality or bad backlinks not only doesn’t help your website it can actually hurt it. Google is increasingly likely to penalize sites that have multiple low-quality backlinks. Many companies hire cheap SEO agencies and do see a slight increase from their black hat link building, only to later be heavily penalized by Google which can take years to undo. Proper link building takes time though and regular maintenance, which is why professional SEO agencies charge a higher price.


3. SEO is a Long-Term Commitment

Notice that most cheap SEO packages offer quick results in a short time period? Not only can SEO rankings never be guaranteed, but it is also a long game. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to SEO.


SEO is a constantly shifting industry. Google rolls out updates constantly, with new rules and regulations that will require changes to your website. Cheap SEO packages don’t cover this type of maintenance. Not to mention, if your competitors keep up their SEO practices while you stop yours, eventually they will replace you in the rankings. Regularly updated content is also important for users too. It signals that the website is alive.


4. They Don’t Do the Research

A lot of businesses are shocked to learn how much research and planning goes into SEO before we actually begin. That’s because we need to know what audiences and keywords we’re optimizing for. Cheap SEO packages rarely do this. Not all keywords are equal, and not all audiences respond the same. Understanding the best way reach your target demographic and the most valuable keywords for your industry is important to a good SEO campaign.


A common thing cheap SEO packages promise is to rank on the first page for x amount of keywords. That is great, but the keywords they usually get your website ranking for are low quality with low traffic. What this means is you’re paying to show up in a place where your target users don’t go. There is no value in that.


5. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When you look at cheap SEO packages, you’ll notice that they offer set options and prices across the board. This is a huge red flag because SEO isn’t a one size fits all. No two businesses are the same so one fixed SEO strategy won’t be successful for every business. In order for SEO to be successful, it needs to be tailored to the specific client and their needs.


A reputable SEO agency will be malleable, finding a flexible solution to whatever your problems and objectives are. This is where all of that initial research comes in handy. If the price is a big concern for your business, be honest with them. A good SEO agency will work within your budget to offer you the best service they can within it. Paying a little more to get a pair of shoes that fits it preferable to buying a cheap pair that hurts, isn’t it?



It’s easy to understand the appeal of cheap SEO packages. Digital marketing can be expensive and many businesses still rely on traditional advertising as well, which is an additional cost. Getting high search result rankings requires work though. Creating quality content, building up good backlinks, and doing regular maintenance is time-consuming, which is why professional SEO agencies have to charge more. Unfortunately, with SEO going the cheap route not only gets you less, it usually gets you nothing at all, or even worse it damages your digital presence in a long-lasting way.

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