The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the entire world. Every industry has been impacted. Digital marketing is more important than ever before as people stay hunkered down inside. Even as we look at restrictions loosening soon, it will be a while before things go back to normal. As daily business practices switch up, so should your digital marketing tactics. The question becomes how can your business successfully market to clients online while navigating the difficult times we’re all going through.


Tip 1: Be Accurate

It is always important to be accurate when you market your business. COVID-19 has made that more important than ever before. Updates on how to safely manage businesses are changing almost daily, which means you might have to update your business’s info more frequently than usual. Make sure your website, Google My Business account, and all social media profiles all reflect your current hours of operation and business practices.


Tip 2: Stay Honest

Honesty and accuracy go hand-in-hand, and both are important to running a successful digital marketing campaign, especially during a global pandemic. Consumers want you to be honest about what you’re doing to help during COVID-19, and how you’re feeling about it. It’s okay to admit times are tough! Just make sure your marketing campaign isn’t making misleading claims or provoking fear. There’s enough fake and inflammatory news going around already!


Tip 3: Don’t Exploit

The COVID-19 pandemic is very serious right now. People are sick and dying, with many employees and businesses also dealing with financial struggles. Companies should take advantage of good business opportunities, but it’s important not to exploit the situation. Exploiting people’s misfortune and fear right now is not only wrong, but it’s also shortsighted. Consumers will not want to support businesses that do this and it will hurt your business in the long run.


Tip 4: Get Creative

The pandemic has upended every industry across the globe as well as disrupted almost everyone’s normal lives. This means that traditional marketing campaigns might not be as effective as they would during normal times. Now is the time to get creative and try new things. Maybe run a new promotion or try something fun on social media! Why not take advantage of the chaos by trying out new ideas.


If you don’t have a digital marketing campaign now is the time to invest in one. More people are spending time online, and with traditional business practices being impacted now is the perfect time to refocus on your digital appearance! Contact us if you’re ready to start discussing digital marketing tips for your business!

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