COVID-19 continues to be on everyone’s mind. As the number of cases rises, governments are making hard decisions on what to keep open and what to close. In Canada and the U.S. more cities, states, and provinces are limiting what is allowed to stay open to essential businesses.


That is a huge blow to many businesses. And as operations close, many businesses are now realizing that their lack of an online presence is hurting them. Whether your business is moving online, or you just want to ramp up marketing to get ready for the influx once things open again, here are a few reasons to invest in a digital marketing strategy and tips on how to do it correctly.


More Time Online

People are being urged to stay home to reduce the spread of COVID-19, which means people are looking for ways to stay entertained. As a result Internet usage has soared. However, people aren’t behaving online how they were before.


Organic traffic for many industries is down. Travel businesses, in particular, are being hit hard. E-commerce is a mixed bag, with some retailers seeing a surge while others are stagnant. News and financial industries have seen a spike in traffic though!


Aftermath Influx

It’s still unknown how long COVID-19 will continue to impact daily life. In all likelihood, it will be weeks before people start returning to work and non-essential businesses open. This downtime is the perfect opportunity for businesses that don’t yet have a digital marketing strategy.


Planning a digital marketing campaign takes time, so why not utilize these next few weeks? That way you can cash in on the influx of business once things get up and running again!


Information Updates

News about COVID-19 is changing daily. Not only are there more cases, but the government is constantly making new updates. Consumers want to know how this is impacting your business. Without an online presence, it can be hard to inform them promptly.


A digital marketing campaign will allow you to accurately and consistently keep your clients and consumers informed on how the virus, and any future issues, is impacting your business.


Less Competition

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is going to impact the economy in a big way. A lot of businesses sadly won’t survive. For the businesses that do, that means they will face less competition…for a while anyway.


It can feel mean, but taking advantage of having less competition will put you ahead. Investing in SEO, social media management, and a digital marketing strategy will not only help your business survive but will also put your company ahead in the long run.


Marketing Tips

If you do decide to invest in a digital marketing strategy, there are a few tips you should keep in mind:


  • Don’t exploit the situation: What is going on is very serious. People are sick and dying, and many people and businesses are dealing with financial ruin. While companies should take advantage of business opportunities, it is important that you do not exploit people’s fear at this time. Not only is it wrong, but it is short-sighted and will impact your business negatively in the long-run.
  • Stay honest and accurate: There is a lot of fake and inflammatory news going around right now. It’s more important than ever before to value truth and accuracy in your marketing campaign. Don’t make misleading claims, don’t provoke fear, and be honest with your customers about your business practices.
  • Place importance on health and safety: The reality is that how long COVID-19 impacts us is really up to us. Companies that value health and safety are winning over the hearts and minds of customers. People are going to remember the businesses that placed money above the health and safety of their employees and customers.


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