6 Common Reasons For Google My Business Listing Suspension

6 Common Reasons For Google My Business Listing Suspension- HILBORN DIGITAL SEO & Web Development Agency

Is your Google My Business Listing no longer showing up? There are a few reasons why that could be.


There is no doubt that Google is a huge driving force in the SEO industry and by extension all online businesses. The majority of users query on Google, and having your business show up is vital for success. Google My Business is a platform that allows businesses to easily provide information about their business online to users.


So what happens when a listing gets suspended? A suspended GMB listing isn’t the end of the world, and it can usually be reinstated, but it’s first important to identify what caused it to be removed. Here are a few of the most common reasons a Google My Business listing may be suspended.


Keyword Stuffing Your Business Name

The name on your GMB should reflect what your business is actually named. Adding keywords to your title might result in an SEO boost in the short term, but it’s a common spam tactic that most people are strongly against and will report you on. Keep your GMB names to what it actually is!



Changing Your Address

This one is odd because Google should recognize that businesses move. But in some cases, updating a business’s address can result in the listing getting suspended. So before you change it, make sure you document the previous and new address so you can provide this during reinstatement if it gets taken down.



Listing a Virtual Office or Co-Working Space as Your Address

This one is tricky because if you have a private office in a co-working space you can list it as your business address. However, if you are just using the common space, or work from home as a virtual office, refrain from adding the address. It’s an easy excuse for competitors looking to get your listing removed to use.



Stating You’re Open 24 Hours

Even if your business is available for calls or e-mails 24 hours a day, do not list your business as open all the time. It’s a big red flag for Google, and an easy way to get suspended. Google cares about when the physical door to your office is open.



Creating Multiple Listings for the Business

This is another one of the most common GMB spam tactics. Unless you have multiple physical locations do not create multiple listings for your business. Having multiple listings can actually result in a permanent suspension, which should be avoided at all costs.



Having Rogue Account Managers

Be careful who you add as a manager to your Google My Business listing. If you add someone that makes too many edits or leaves too many spam reviews or comments, Google may flag your listing. Often just removing that individual will do the trick for reinstating, but it can be hard to pinpoint the cause in this situation. This is why it’s important to hire a good SEO agency that doesn’t engage in black hat tactics.


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