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Fall is here, and that means that it’s nearly shopping season! The holiday shopping season is major for online retailers. But promoting products isn’t as easy as people think. Knowing what keywords to target for SEO and where to spend money on PPC are key to a successful holiday shopping season. That’s why businesses should be aware of these online shopping trends!


Different Holidays Have Different Shopping Patterns

When it comes to holiday shopping, not all gifts are bought the same. Research shows that gift-giving behavior differs between Hanukkah and Christmas. Around 70% of Hanukkah shoppers are instant converts, but those looking for Christmas gifts tend to take multiple days to complete their shopping journey.


There is also a difference in gifts purchased for various holidays. Although users visited the same online sites, they bought different items depending on what they were celebrating. Christmas shoppers skewed more towards Electronics, while Hanukkah shoppers skewed more towards Home Goods.


Shopping Differed Based on Relationships

This insight shouldn’t be too surprising. Some people are just easier to shop for than others. Regardless of the holiday, kids are by far the easiest to shop more. Research showed that 58% of shoppers buying gifts for kids purchased after one visit to the site.


Parents, as most people probably personally know, were much harder to shop for. Shoppers are 1.98 times more likely to turn to gift guides for inspiration when it comes to presents for their parents. This provides a great opportunity for businesses!


As for gift shopping for a significant other, the most popular gifts tend to be shared experiences. Shoppers are 1.92 times more likely to purchase an experience gift such as cooking classes or a trip. Other popular items for couples are jewelry (a staple), but surprisingly DNA kits are a hit as well.


Co-Worker Gifts are a Different Shopping Experience

Although Secret Santa and White Elephant gifts for co-workers tend to be lower risk, shopping patterns are much different. The journey is a much longer one and includes more research. Secret Santa gifts were focused on price-point, while White Elephant (which tends to have a more fixed price point already) was focused on ideas. Businesses can capitalize on this by including keywords such as “cool” or “best”.


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