Did you know there were different types of online searching? Chances are you probably do vertical and horizontal searching on a daily basis. It’s important to know the difference though as it can help your website and SEO ranking.

Horizontal Searching

Horizontal searching can be thought of as a “general” search. This type of searching goes through the whole web covering a wide range of topics and media subjects. A horizontal search will often produce a large number of results. The ranking for results varies based on the search engines algorithm but the results try to satisfy as many search queries as possible.

An example of a horizontal search would be looking for “Toronto SEO” in Google. You’ll get tons of results for web pages that have both SEO and Toronto on them.

Examples of Horizontal Search Engines

Some common search engines are non-surprisingly, the biggest ones. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which you probably use every day, are examples of horizontal search engines.

Horizontal Searching and SEO

To appear as a result in horizontal searching content and keywords and phrases are important. Search engines like web pages that have unique, engaging, and new content. The use of keywords and phrases for your target demographic is what will help you show up for the right horizontal searches. 

Vertical Searching

Vertical searching is also called “specialty” or “topical”. These search results are devoted to a certain media type or genre of content. Vertical searching only shifts through a specific part of the Internet. The results for vertical searches will be smaller and more focused than horizontal searching.

An example of vertical searching would be looking for “SEO Toronto” under Google News. The results will only be news articles mentioning SEO in Toronto instead of any web page.

Examples of Vertical Search Engines

Most horizontal search engines also have vertical search engines built in too. One can do a general Google search or search Google News, Images, Videos etc., which would be vertical searches.

Vertical Searching and SEO

Horizontal searching is very general so it can be hard to show up especially if the keyword you’re aiming for is popular. There is where knowing about vertical searching can pay off with SEO. Having additional media on your website such as images, videos or graphics will help you appear in vertical searches and search engines.

Vertical vs Horizontal Searching

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