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Now that October is over its time to focus on holiday shopping! November and December are some of the most profitable months for businesses. Thanksgiving (the American version that is), Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas are all coming up fast. Update your SEO strategy to capitalize on holiday shopping by following these easy tips.


Update Titles and Descriptions

Updating titles and descriptions that appear in SERPs is a great way to appeal to holiday shoppers. But make sure you’re targeting the right users. Remember, holiday shopping is about buying gifts for others. A parent searching for gifts for their kids won’t search the same way as kids looking for themselves would. During holiday shopping season your demographic will switch some. Take a look at the keywords you rank for and adjust the information that will appear on SERPs to appeal to the gift buyer- not the receiver.


Update Evergreen Content

Evergreen content stays good through the ages, unlike viral content. However, updating it during the holiday season is a good way to refresh it to appeal to buyers. Let’s say you have a post about the best gifts for girlfriends with the URL something like: guides/15-best-gifts-girlfriend. Simply update it by changing it to: guides/15-best-gifts-girlfriend-2018. You can do the same thing each year as long as the content is still relevant.


Don’t Focus Only on Pre-Holiday Shopping

It’s true that a lot of shopping takes place before the big day, but these keywords and ad space will be highly competitive. Instead, focus on keywords that target users shopping during the holiday season and after. Think searches people would make about last minute shopping. Don’t forget about post-holiday inquires too. People will have questions about the gifts they received such as how they work and return policies. These are less competitive so capitalize on that!


Start Creating Content Now

Halloween is officially over, which means people are already beginning to think about the holidays ahead. Start creating content for your website and social media platforms as soon as possible. People like to shop and plan ahead of time, so don’t wait to capture them at the last minute.


Play Into the Holidays

It might feel gimmicky or silly, but play up the holiday aspect when creating and promoting content. Titles like “12 Pairs of Pants Perfect for a Thanksgiving Feast” or doing an unveiling for products in line with the 25 Days of Christmas are not only eye-catching, they’re also entertaining.


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