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There are two platforms that dominate the industry when it comes to mobile app development: Android and iOS. If you’re looking to create a successful app, it’s vital that your app functions on both these platforms. Android is an open-source platform, which means there is no standardization. When it comes to iOS app development though, Apple has strict guidelines for developers. This means there is little room for error; so hiring the right app developer is vital. Here are a few characteristics you should look for when hiring an iOS app developer!



The more experience someone has doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be more skilled, but it does usually benefit them. Experienced iOS developers know the in’s and out’s of Apple’s development guidelines. This not only speeds things up but also reduces the chances of errors. In addition to coding experience, make sure to assess how experienced the developer is working with clients. Communication is key for any project, and an experienced developer is more likely to be better at discussing issues with you in a professional and timely manner.



One of the most important things to assess when looking for an app developer is how good their work is. Be sure to ask about how many projects they’ve worked on, how complicated they were, and always look at their portfolio. If you want the best iOS app possible, it only makes sense to hire the best iOS app developer possible.



Before you hire a developer, you absolutely need to take a look at their past work. A developer’s past work is the best way to assess their experience and expertise. It will show you how many apps they’ve developed, what they look like, how well they run and more! If a developer doesn’t want you to look at their past work, that’s a major red flag.


Final Thoughts

Hiring help to develop your idea into a functional app can be scary. After spending countless hours thinking and planning your idea, you now have to hand it off. Working with the right iOS developer can make the process a lot easier.


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