Types of Content Your Business Should Be Creating

It’s long been said in the SEO world that “Content is King”. While this is hotly debated, there’s no denying that original, quality content is extremely important when it comes to digital marketing. Content is what increases rankings, drives traffic, builds links, and engages users.


Not all content is the same though. There are many different types of content out there that businesses should be creating each with their own advantages. Here are some of the most popular types of content your brand should look into to boost your SEO campaign.


Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is SEO optimized content that is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for a long period of time, hence the name. This type of content is great because it will continue to bring in users and rank for keywords long after it’s published. Evergreen content may answer key questions about your industry, explain your product or service, or provide instructions. The key to this type of content is that it never goes out of date. Evergreen content is the best type of content for SEO because it is relevant to your business, will increase rankings, and draw in users for a long time.


Viral Content

Most people are familiar with viral content. Viral content is material that gets spread rapidly online. Classic examples are a meme or funny video, but it can be an insightful article or interesting blog post as well. Viral content will draw in a ton of traffic and bring a lot of brand awareness in a short period of time, but don’t expect this to last. This content is good for short bursts of increased attention, but it’s not sustainable and has the potential to backfire if done wrong. A lot of businesses make the mistake of investing a lot of time in trying to create viral post after viral post. Viral content is good occasionally, but it’s rare that a business is able to create content hits repeatedly, and these typically don’t increase rankings.


Topical Content

Topical content, also called timely or seasonal content, content that is relevant to something current. It’s “of the moment” content that could cover anything from holidays to a current social event. Topical content is great for a temporary spike in traffic, but depending on the topic may have fleeting appeal. However, certain topical content topics may have a seasonal appeal, becoming popular every few months or years like “Spring Cleaning Tips” or “How Elections Work”.


Tangential Content

Tangential content is essential content that is about a topic that is relevant to your industry or business but not directly related. This type of content is great for when you’re running out of content ideas, want to increase rankings for tangential keywords, or are in a “boring” niche. Tangential content is a great way to bring in new users that may be interesting in adjacent industries or topics. For example, a wedding photographer could write about “What to Look for in a Venue” or a plumber could write about “Best Bathroom Upgrades to Make”.


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