SEO 101: What is Anchor Text?

There are many integral parts of a successful SEO campaign. In order to make brands feel confident in selecting an SEO agency and investing money in digital marketing, our Search Engine Optimization experts at Hilborn Digital are breaking down all the key concepts and elements you’ll run into.


Today, let’s talk about anchor text.


What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is simply the clickable text in a hyperlink. It’s essential the part of the text that links to another place when you click on it, anchoring the link to the page. Most often, you’ll see anchor text as blue and underlined to mark it. Anchor text is also known as the link label or link title.


Why does Anchor Text Matter in SEO?

Anchor text is a simple concept, but it has a big impact on SEO. Search engines like Google have to crawl and index millions of pages every day. These bots can’t do it all, so they often use signals to learn if a page is important and what it’s talking about. Keywords in anchor text are one of the many signals these search engine crawlers use to determine a page’s topic so that they know what to rank it for.


What is Good Anchor Text?

Like everything in SEO, there are good tactics and bad ones. While anchor text seems like a simple idea, black hat SEO agencies have found ways to scam search engines using it. While this may boost ranking in the short term, it can have lasting consequences. But what exactly makes an anchor text good?


Signs of good anchor text:

  • The anchor text is relevant to the page it’s on or links to
  • The anchor text sounds natural in the content
  • The anchor text is visible
  • The anchor text isn’t too generic


Final Thoughts

Anchor text is one of the simplest SEO concepts, but like an anchor on a ship, they play a vital role. Without anchor text, pages would be full of ugly, long URLs. Anchor text helps signal what a link is about, and signals to the search engine’s what the web page’s topic is.


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