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Search Engine Optimization used to be a service that was thought of as great “add-on” to a marketing campaign, but not necessarily required. That’s no longer the case. A business’s online presence can make or break them. But as a Toronto SEO, we meet a number of businesses both large and small that still don’t see how necessary this service is. So if you’re on the fence, here are some of the top reasons why your business needs a Toronto SEO campaign.


SEO Will Expand Exposure

The majority of consumers today turn to the Internet before making any purchases or when looking for a service. Just think about it – the last time you needed a plumber, a dentist, a lawyer, or an SEO agency, where did you look? Likely Google. That means that if your business isn’t visible within the search results, consumers won’t be considering your in their purchasing decisions. SEO works by getting your business more visible within Google search results so that users can find you, rather then your competitors.


Your Competitors Are Doing It

If your target customer does a quick Google search and finds your competitors on the first page but not your website, you have lost out on a life long customer. Some businesses used to think Toronto SEO was not necessary because no one else in their industry was doing it or maybe there wasn’t many competitors in their niche –  that’s no longer true for the majority of businesses these days. Chances are your competitors are actively doing SEO, and the longer you wait to start the further ahead they’ll be.


It Increases Credibility

Credibility is a major factor for consumers when looking to purchase a product or hire for a service. If they don’t trust your business or think you are a credible organization, chances are they aren’t going to hire you. If your website is not ranking for keywords related to your industry, you don’t have a good (or mobile friendly) website, you don’t have a social media presence, or you don’t have positive online reviews, this signals to consumers that your business may not be credible.


You Receive Long-Term Benefits

A common thing we hear from Toronto businesses is that they don’t need SEO because they do Google PPC advertisements. While traditional paid/PPC ads are great, these are short-term options. Once your budget for the day runs out, all of the benefits of them stop as well. SEO is a longer-term game. As you begin to rank for more keywords and we continue building up relevant content on your website, your websites authority and credibility increase. This results in a snowball effect for the number of keywords you begin ranking for over time and gaining higher positions for more competitive keywords.


It Will Make You Stand Out

Any business owner in the GTA knows that Toronto is an over-saturated market. There are tons of competitors all vying for the same customers. A good SEO campaign will make your business stand out above the rest. There’s only 10 spots on the first page of Google search results, but hundreds or even thousands of businesses in the area that would like to be there. Ranking on the first page will give you visibility, credibility, and a significant competitive advantage.


You’ll Boost Local Traffic

Local SEO is an important aspect of SEO. The majority of searches these days are localized in some ways. Maybe people are searching “Toronto SEO” instead of just “SEO”, or they’re searching for “Skincare Clinic Near Me” rather than just “skincare clinic”. A local Toronto SEO campaign can help you achieve top spots on the Google Map, help you rank for these high-value local keywords, and increase local traffic to your website and/or physical location.

Is your business showing up for your target keywords?

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