Make Sure Consumers Can Find You When They’re Ready to Purchase

Consumers Find You Local Search Marketing

When consumers are looking for something nearby, in the moment – be it a gym, a mall, a plumber, or a cup of coffee – they turn to local search. To win these moments, meet consumers by using location signals to highlight relevant locations, inventory, amenities, services, and driving directions.

Recognizing the importance of local search for small to medium businesses is key to developing an advertising strategy that is consumer-focused. In “I want to go to … “ moments, proximity matters, so keep in mind location-based searches (ex. “breakfast spot near me”).



Make Your Ads Relevant With Local Messages

People want to find what they’re looking for as soon as possible. Direct people to your stores by offering directions and highlighting the items or services they need.


Provide Useful Local Information On Your Site or App

Convenience is often trumps brand loyalty in those “I want to go” moments. Make it easy for consumers to find useful information – such as hours, inventory, and pricing – while on their smartphones.


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