When it comes to SEO the conversation always seems to revolve around keywords and ranking. That is a huge part of it, but there is value in SEO campaigns besides that. In addition to technical value, search engine optimization can increase your overall brand as well as your Google ranking.

1. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness, or brand visibility, is a measure of how many people are aware of your brand’s existence. Do people know who you are, what your logo looks like, and what you do? If people are aware of your brand when it comes time to make a purchasing decision they are more likely to chose you. Customers and users are also more likely to spread your brand visibility through word of mouth. SEO campaigns can help increase your brand awareness. This happens in a few different ways. SEO will work to offsite to build up links and guest posts, setting up your brand on the web. This will give your brand authority and increased traffic as well as increased visibility. As an SEO campaign increases your ranking your brand will also gain awareness, even if they don’t click on your site.

2. Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is just as important as brand awareness. In addition to getting people to recognizing who you are, you want them to trust you with what you do. You want users to see your brand as trustworthy, approachable, and appealing. In general, you want them to associate your brand with what you’re trying to sell, and you want them to believe you’re good at it. SEO campaigns can help build the brand’s reputation in a few ways. With offsite SEO you can show users and customers you know what you’re talking about through social media and guest posts. This will position them to see you as a reliable source in the industry. SEO will also make sure your page titles, website content, and meta descriptions give users an informed and good first impression. Even if they don’t click on your site you want the sneak-peek they get to be a good one. SEO can increase your brand reputation, which will make users more likely to go to you and to recommend it to others.

3. User Experience

User experience is vital to the success of a brand online. Even with great brand awareness and reputation, if your site is slow or unappealing people will leave. Think of it like walking into a retail store, if it’s messy and dirty are you going to stay and buy anything? User experience is vital in turning traffic into sales. When it comes to user experience SEO campaigns can help. User experience can be improved without SEO but SEO companies will not only make sure your site is optimized for speed but also for ranking. A good SEO company will make sure your site runs well, looks good, and is informative. All of this will increase user experience.

4. Brand Information

With good brand awareness and reputation, users should be able to know what your brand is about. But brand information goes beyond just the basics. Nowadays people are going online to research brands, products, and services before purchasing. Your website is an opportunity to make sure the correct information about your brand is out there. SEO isn’t necessary to help you with brand information, but it will certainly help. An SEO campaign will not only help you get the correct information on your site, but they will do so in a way that benefits your company. Optimizing your site’s information for searching is what SEO is all about. If a user has a question about your brand you want them to be able to find the answer. SEO will make sure that when people search for any questions, concerns, or general about your brand, they will get directed to finding the correct information on your website.


There is no doubt that SEO has many benefits. Increased site traffic, higher search engine rankings, and quality content to name a few. The fact is though that the benefits extend beyond the standard technical ones you always hear about. A good SEO campaign can increase your brand awareness and reputation. It can also produce a higher quality user experience and make brand information better and easier to find. If you would like to know more about SEO or how an SEO campaign can help your company, contact us today.