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A particular challenge for North American companies is that Google search is restricted in China, and Baidu search engine is restrictive in how they allow foreign websites to gain visibility.

Hilborn Digital has developed a comprehensive and proprietary Baidu SEO strategy to have the website indexed in Baidu, improve keyword rankings, and increase overall search visibility.

Website Development & Translation

Whether you already have a website or want to develop a brand new one with both Chinese & English versions, our native-speaking developers and content writers can help you create a stunning website that will help you reach Chinese users.

Baidu SEO

Baidu SEO differs greatly from Google SEO and is restrictive in how they allow foreign websites to gain visibility. We will do a full keyword research & analysis, index your website in Baidu, and increase your keyword rankings for Baidu search in China (and the millions of their users around the world).

Website Optimization

The on-site factors that increase online visibility differ from Google and Baidu. We will go through your site to ensure it meets all of the on-site requirements and further optimize it to perform better in Baidu search as per their most up to date guidelines and trends.

Marketing Strategy

No idea where to start? Our marketing strategy team can help you develop a plan for marketing to China through our various methods — including a new website, localized content, Baidu SEO, paid advertising, or social media — and then seamlessly implement it.

Baidu PPC Management

Baidu PPC is not nearly as simple to set up as Google AdWords. It requires a lengthy application to be submitted involving both English & Chinese versions of your documents, along with an application fee and a pre-paid budget. We can help you navigate this complicated process, set up your account, create your campaigns and ad groups, copy writing, set keyword bids, and on-going management.

Social Media Management

We can set up and manage your Chinese social media accounts on platforms such as Weibo and WeChat, along with designing your profile, developing a content strategy, distributing content, and interacting with users to increase your fan base and brand awareness.

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Case Study

Luxury Home Builder & Architecture Firm

The client wished to attract potential Chinese customers both within Canada that use Baidu as their primary search engine as well as abroad for keywords related to their development projects and luxury custom homes.

We developed a localized Chinese version of our clients website that was optimized for both Google and Baidu based off of extensive keyword research.

With our comprehensive Baidu SEO strategy, we began a campaign to index the website in Baidu and improve search visibility in Baidu for our target keywords.

Baidu Keyword Rankings after 3 Months

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